Moon's Day

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Today is the Moon's Day. Err.. So this is the Chinese's Festival or Cambodian's Festival? I don't know. But I just wanna ask you, did you get any message from your friends or bf/gf? Some wishes? For me I got some.

Anyway, just wanna wish:

Because of the Full of the Moon, and your life is like the Moon ...
You are ...

Full of Bright
Full of Respectionation
Full of Love
Full of Happiness
Full of Wonderful Life ...

Enjoy Eating Moon Cake!

Jx2 Online Game

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Do you know about Jx2 Online Game? It's one of the most popular online game. This game has been played in Malaysia, China, and Vietnam. And now, It comes to Cambodia.

I am also one of the Jx2 players in Cambodia (5Poison). It drives me crazy everyday. Ok, what I wanna post today is how to get this game. As most cambodian has known that we need to buy Jx2's CD - However, some people can't buy it for some reasons (Live in other countries, No money, ...) because I saw many posts in the forum asking about downloading the game client.

I don't know but I saw admin said it is in process (problem with bandwidth). I hope Jx2 Admin will not blame me. (But if they disagree, I can't help too.)

This is the download link: ( Remember links in from, there are available for 90 days after downloading - so please don't let the files be deleted or download now)

Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:
Part 4:
Part 5:
Part 6:
Part 7:

Jx2 websites:

Enjoy! Wanna say something, please have some comments!

My Avatar

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I've just finished designing my avatar. It looks cutie to me. I hope you love it too.

If you wanna download it, you can. This is the link:

1st Time!

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Hello Everyone! First time for being blogger. I'm Ninarie; I'm here for share every information to the world especially You! This blog will be full of tutorials, music, stories, technologies, games, pla pla pla, and everything I know and googel. I hope you all enjoy with me.

Now, it seem I have nothing to say but soon there will be a ton of word to tell. So? Hehe ...

See You then!